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Hallo, my name is Martyn Chapman and I am an English author. I write mainly contemporary fiction with quirky characters and have used different genres to reflect my story telling.  


My psychological crime thrillers, Hormones and Crumble and Hassle Castle have a dark comic twang that are overshadowed by some diverse and intriguing human characters. 


Saving Worms is a romantic comedy that journeys from the tranquillity of the Black Forest in Germany to the historical streets of York.

One Christmas in Nuremberg and Christmas on The Law are two original short stories, played out in a traditional and magical Christmas setting.


With The Gatehouse Haunting I have explored a new genre altogether. Is the clue in the title or is it something far more sinister?

The Gulch is an altogether different book. I'll leave you to make up your own mind.

The Grouse Conspiracy visits the beautiful island of Korčula. It explores relationships and awakens memories of a rock'n'roll lifestyle.

How the Boars got their Wild is my - and Aunt Eva's - first venture into children's stories. And there is no more magical setting than the Black Forest in Germany.

Please have a look around the site to find out more about my books, their stories and myself. 

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The Gatehouse Haunting - sketch 2 - vers
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