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Written in the first person, Hormones and Crumble is a four hundred page psychological, dark comedy, crime thriller that subtly and gradually disentangles a contentious and disturbing story with an erotic and rugged northern tone.


Hassle Castle teasingly presents a calmer, contemporary genre. It is a psychological crime thriller that offers plenty of humour and yet it is tinged with a darker, foreboding mystery. Despite the quirky name, this is definitely not a children's book.


Christmas on The Law

is a gentle festive family story set in a picturesque Scottish seaside town. Secrets from the past return to shape the present on a chilly Christmas Eve. 


Saving Worms is a quirky romantic comedy offering a more light-hearted read yet with a serious twist.

It should have been a simple story: quirky boy meets mysterious girl, and boy stumbles haplessly in love, but...


One Christmas in Nuremberg is a modern Christmas short story played out in a traditional and magical Christmas setting.

As Simon is gradually charmed by the quaint wooden market stalls and glorious old buildings, he realises that Nuremberg’s ghosts can help to redeem the past and unravel the truth about his relationship with Daniela.


The Gatehouse Haunting - sketch 2 for pr

The Gatehouse Haunting is a ghost story - or is it? After recovering from a serious illness, Ella’s husband arranges for her to stay in a picturesque Gatehouse nestled in an idyllic German village. Is someone trying to intimidate her? Ella’s frantic and perilous search for the truth will change her life forever.


Cover original version final.jpg

The Gulch is a story with a difference. 


Just one man applied. It was an extraordinary job interview for a unique and macabre position. With his veiled personality and murky past, was Rod the most unsuitable?

The answer lies within a village tortured by its unspeakable history, its relentless visitors, and a burnt-out room inside an abandoned hotel. 


Korcula_book cover_final.jpg

The Grouse Conspiracy visits the beautiful island of Korčula.


It was going to be a day of supreme leisure, relaxation, and tranquillity on Croatia’s gorgeous Adriatic coast.


But when Craig’s girlfriend is struck down by a holiday illness, he is faced with the nightmare prospect of being trapped on a small boat with her obnoxious teenage daughter.


High winds, rebellion, and deviance plunge the trip into chaos, severely testing Craig’s patience.


And when the breeze drops, and the boat finally leaves the medieval Old Town, it’s the secrets and revelations of his fellow passengers that bubble to the surface and stir uncomfortable memories from Craig’s past.



How the Boars got their Wild version 2_f

How the Boars got their Wild is a story for adults to share with children. 


Did you know that the grumpy and wild boars that now roam Germany’s enchanting Black Forest used to be happy and peaceful?


It’s true . . . but then a silly squirrel dropped his hazelnut in a campfire, accidentally invented cooking, stumbled upon a magical Golden Nut, and had to goof back in time to rescue his very soggy underpants. 


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