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What did some of my readers think?

"I got that lusciously frightening tingling sensation during some of the haunting scenes."


"I would definitely stay in the interesting old gatehouse in the beautiful German village...ghosts or no ghosts. The spirits would just have to make room for me! Great setting idea!"

"The suspense at times is a real page turner."


"This was an interesting story......a tale of the disintegration of a marriage with a swirl of supernatural elements."

"The weird happenings in the gatehouse kept me reading when I really wanted to abandon both [the main] characters to their fates."

"This story will stay with me for quite a while. If you like scary stories, this book is for you."

"All in all, an entertaining fast read. Enjoyable story. [...] The ghosts carried the day. Yay Spirits! :) I found the story original, and the ending actually did catch me by surprise."

"This author [...] paints a vivid picture in your mind of the characters, their situation and the story line without over describing the scene."


"Had to read [this] in one sitting as I am a chicken and did not want to try to sleep without reading the ending."


"A riveting read."

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About The Gatehouse Haunting

This psychological thriller is a diversion from my two Christmas stories and the romantic comedy, Saving Worms. But I'm not deliberately flitting between genres in a desperate attempt to find something that works. 


Instead, I'm fortunate to have the creative freedom to tell my stories in the style and manner that they enter my mind. Hence, on a recent trip to Germany, I stayed in an enchanting old Gatehouse situated in an idyllic village, and immediately, I felt compelled to put pen to paper. Then life stopped once more as I became totally absorbed in Ella's astonishing plight and the disturbing secrets of the Gatehouse. 



The Gatehouse Haunting


Or is it something far more sinister?


After recovering from a serious illness, Ella’s husband arranges for her to stay in a picturesque Gatehouse nestled within an idyllic German village. Left alone for a week to contemplate the effects of her poor health and her fractured marriage, Ella’s peace is shattered by the unnerving appearance of a shadowy old woman and the chilling discovery of the graves of eleven villagers, all of whom died mysteriously on the same day. Then, strange and unsettling events begin to occur in the Gatehouse. Is someone trying to intimidate her?


When Ella discovers that a group of Syrian refugees are been terrorised by macabre noises at night, she sets out to unravel the village’s dark secrets. Yet with no knowledge of the language or the local area, her quest is cruelly ridiculed by both her husband and the owner of the Gatehouse. A chance meeting leads Ella to befriend the charming Friedrich, who is staying at the local hotel. But is Friedrich all that he seems? Or perhaps the answers are much closer to home and something very sinister is lurking within the Gatehouse.


As she delves deeper, Ella’s frantic and perilous search for the truth will change her life forever.



Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (28 August 2018),

Kindle Edition, Amazon