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What did some of my readers think?

"The Gulch was a different story which focused on a man and his isolation from society and how he found comfort in being alone. My only reason for my review rating was it was heavy for me but it was was well written"

"I did like the comments about modern life. But overall I found the story odd."


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About The Gulch

It's different!



Will you be there for me? Will you be close by? Will you cut me down or watch me die?

Just one man applied. It was an extraordinary job interview for a unique and macabre position. Perhaps he was the only man who could meet the requirements for this delicate and very challenging role. Or, with his veiled personality and murky past, was Rod the most unsuitable?

The answer lies within a village tortured by its unspeakable history, its relentless visitors, and a burnt-out room inside an abandoned hotel.

The story is set in December. It’s Christmas time. But this is far from a traditional festive tale.



Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (25 August 2019),

Kindle Edition, Amazon