How the Boars got their Wild version 2_f

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About How the Boars go their Wild

The mysterious Eva Inge Bauer (a character in Saving Worms) spent her entire life amongst the red squirrels, grouchy boars and imperious pine trees that tenderly watch over the German village of Lenzkirch in the enchanting Black Forest.


A book for adults to share with their children.


Did you know that the grumpy and wild boars that now roam Germany’s enchanting Black Forest used to be happy and peaceful?


It’s true . . . but then a silly squirrel dropped his hazelnut in a campfire, accidentally invented cooking, stumbled upon a magical Golden Nut, and had to goof back in time to rescue his very soggy underpants . . .



Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (6 February 2020),

Kindle Edition, Amazon