What did some of my readers think?


"I found this book literally unputdownable."


"Sharp writing, great dialogue, mystery, humour and wonderful characters."


"Truthfully this is a unique book. Not erotica in people's conventional understanding of it."


"There are some genuine big and scary topics here .. love, abuse, life, destiny, gender, sex, fetishism, obsession, Radio Phone ins, but they arise perfectly balanced within the story."


"This is a deeper, darker and more gritty tale of a young man slowly awakening with reluctance and pain to his real nature and that of those around him."


"To me this is a proper “English” novel that like a fine wine is best taken in slowly to savor the flavor of the prose. That may sound a little too rosy for most but that’s how this well written story filled a hidden void in my soul."


"I was delighted that the humour doesn't vanish despite the darker and faster pace ending of the novel."


"This is a very complex storyline ... and has a very sad ending but also a good one."


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About Hormones and Crumble

Hormones and Crumble was a winning entry in the Abook2read 2010 Literary Competition. As part of the prize, the salacious eBook cover was very kindly designed and developed by the publisher.


In 2013, following structural and plot guidance by Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, the book was rewritten and then published independently on Amazon.


The unusual and striking cover visually portrays the book’s erotic and northern tone. 


Benjamin Rose's demise began on the day his son's tortoise committed suicide.

Ten days later he apprehensively walks into a city centre hotel, his emotions teased by the cool evening breeze on the back of his thighs, the surreal sensation of a pleated mini-skirt nuzzling into the top of his stockings. Approaching the gleaming doors of the hotel elevator, he hesitates; his hand fidgeting nervously with his blonde wig, frantically summoning the courage to manoeuvre his debilitating red stilettos inside.

As the lift begins to ascend, Benjamin closes his eyes and thinks of his failing marriage, his desperation to eliminate the threats of his blackmailer, and the sinister client who is waiting for him in Room 213 . . .

Humorous, yet poignant; Hormones and Crumble unravels the humiliating downfall of a disillusioned civil servant. A young man who is forced to confront his dark family secrets, as he is drawn into the beguiling lives of his unemployed clients.



Martyn Chapman ,1 edition (3 April 2014),

Kindle Edition, Amazon