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About Saving Worms

Saving Worms is a romantic comedy that journeys from the tranquillity of the Black Forest in Germany to the historical streets of York. And yet, ultimately, Adam Bennett's destiny will balance precariously on the whim of a Chihuahua, the intriguing Mr. Darcy, and the foreboding bedroom of the voluptuous Little Red Riding Hood.


This quirky romantic comedy offers a more light-hearted read yet with a serious twist. The eye-catching cover was beautifully crafted by Sarah Hardy Art and Box Illustrations.



It should have been a simple story: quirky boy meets delectable and mysterious girl, and boy stumbles haplessly in love.


Except this forty-two year old boy has a humiliating secret. Although its inevitable discovery should lead to just one of two definitive outcomes, in the befuddled world of Adam Bennett the scenarios are boundless.



Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (20 January 2017),

Kindle Edition, Amazon