What did some of my readers think?


"I enjoyed this story about the gathering of a family on Christmas Eve."


"The story gives facts about the town [North Berwick] through the father's knowledge and contains lovely descriptions. There is some suspense built throughout by the mention of an older brother and events seven years previously."


"Excellent characterisation and scene setting."



"Martyn Chapman has this unique talent of putting the reader in the places that he describes so well."

"Great different read, can't wait for the next one!"

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About Christmas on the Law

An idea born thirty years ago came to fruition in March 2016 when I visited North Berwick in Scotland and climbed to the summit of The Law. Standing on its intriguing peak, I gazed down on the harbour below and realised that I had found the perfect location for this gentle festive short story. 





Every Christmas Eve, a family make a short pilgrimage to the summit of the extraordinary and mesmerising hill that dominates their small East Lothian town. They celebrate this delightful festive occasion with food, beverages, and shadowy tales of the town’s historical past. But behind these seemingly innocent stories of whale bones, witchcraft, and retribution from times gone by lies a tragic family secret that links to the present day. Will this be the Christmas Eve that the family can be reunited, and find the love and happiness that they once held so dearly? 



Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (19 October 2016),

Kindle Edition, Amazon