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About One Christmas in Nuremberg

I felt that Nuremberg offered a dazzling collaboration between the city’s dark history and the characters’ haunting pasts. My first visit to this magnificent city was also during Christmas 2015, the same period in which the story is set.

Although on my arrival in Nuremberg I had few expectations. Immediately, I was absorbed by the beauty, style, and gracefulness of the city, before discovering its hushed and understated history. Just like Daniela and Simon, I was experiencing these things as a tourist and I wanted to try and convey their wonderment and curiosity.


So I chose Nuremberg because my objective was to tie-in the characters’ personal stories with the beautiful and tormented surroundings.



Forced to confront the sorrows of her past, Daniela invites Simon to accompany her to the historical city of Nuremberg and its enchanting Christmas Market. But Simon is also burdened by memories of a hidden tragedy, and, drawn in by his bachelor lifestyle, he has a cynical view of the festive period.

Together, they explore Nuremberg’s bewitching cobbled streets and discover that the city’s poignant and cruel secrets mirror their own. As Simon is gradually charmed by the quaint wooden market stalls and glorious old buildings, he realises that Nuremberg’s ghosts can help to redeem the past and unravel the truth about his relationship with Daniela.

One Christmas in Nuremberg is a modern Christmas short story played out in a traditional and magical Christmas setting.


Martyn Chapman, 1 edition (25 September 2017),

Kindle Edition, Amazon