Adam and Eva - a yarn for a sluggish train (Part One: ‘Meet Adam’)

Adam - take 5.jpg

Seemingly, Adam is an ordinary man living in an ordinary northern town. He is a forty-something Civil Servant, drives a blue Ford Fiesta, and plays abysmal golf every Saturday afternoon. His body is subjected to a weekly intake of four pints of lager, three chocolate milkshakes and abundant mugs of lukewarm Yorkshire Tea.

Adam watches Top Gear on television. He dislikes sledging, yet has a fixation for multicoloured Alpine bobble hats, and, whilst out and about, he is inexplicably drawn to cheese factories.

He has a wife called Mandy. His two goldfish, Laurel and Hardy, live in a dreary tank on a cheerless shelf and they seemingly mirror Adam’s mundane life.

But you should know from the very beginning that this is not a conventional blog about love, for Laurel and Hardy may actually be female and beneath the surface, Adam is far from ordinary. The mysterious Eva has not yet tumbled inside the Garden of Eden. Her billowing red dress is snagged on top of the wall.

Coming soon . . . Part Two: ‘Meet Mandy’

Catch up with Adam and Eva

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