The other gender’s most tantalising secret revealed

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Sssssh! Only dare to whisper it . . . The other gender’s most tantalising secret revealed. What really happens when a group of men go away for a lads’ weekend?

The bride has almost total control over her wedding; the venue, the food, the guest list, even the groom’s Superman themed underwear. Yet she has no influence over the potentially most destructive item on the agenda: the stag night of her beloved. It seems ironic that as the delirious couple make their vows of eternal love and promises, his brain is tattooed with the suppressed memories of drunken debauchery . . . or is it? And what other dark secrets might be lurking?

Hassle Castle hands you a key to this secret world. Vividly recounting the outrageous trips and stag nights of seven male friends, the book sensitively explores the intriguing world of male bonding, humour, loyalty and scantily clad lap dancers. But behind these outlandish excursions, the story also unravels the suspicions of their wives, girlfriends, and the mysterious, yet vindictive Alexis, who conspires to destroy them all.

Fancy a peak? Here is a link to the opening chapters Please let me know, what you think.

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